All of our Communities are currently on hold as we navigate the week to week changes of Covid-19. Please contact us if you are looking for ways to connect with leaders or members of the church.

*New Mid-Week rhythms include Monday prayer 11:45a - 12:30p

Wednesday 7p worship (starting Sep. 9 to Oct. 28)

Communities are a means for Redeemer’s Church to fulfill the biblical model of Acts 2:46, which says, “They continued together day by day in the temple and breaking bread in their homes.” Therefore, as a church, we gather corporately on Sundays and then we scatter into homes, offices, and coffee shops throughout the week, fulfilling the vision that God has given us to be the church.

The Community gathering is for the purpose of seeing discipleship develop through teaching, relationships, prayer, and sharing a meal together. It is a place where we encourage one another to be followers of Jesus, operating as God's children, loving, caring and maturing with one another. Communities are a place for accountability, friendship, spiritual gifts, joy, and tears. They are a place to know and be known. It is our desire to see that every person at Redeemer’s Church is loved, cared for, and challenged within a thriving community, and it is our desire that our neighbors within this town be blessed and moved by the love of Jesus through the lives of His church.