Dear Redeemer’s Church,

The reason for this update is because on July 1st a state wide face covering requirement went into effect. We leaders at Redeemer’s Church understand there are many opinions, feelings and views concerning the wearing of face coverings. We’re also aware that face coverings have the potential to create division in our church. Therefore, we're earnestly praying that would not be the case and that we can be unified in peace, regardless of each other’s positions/rights.

Redeemer’s Church stance concerning face coverings is that because of the governor’s requirement we will abide by it at the gathering. We will have face coverings provided at the door if you do not have one. We're thankful that we can still gather, fellowship, sing and hear the scriptures taught. We encourage you to join us but for those who choose not to attend the gathering, the teachings will continue to be posted online.

If you have any concerns or questions please talk to us first.

Redeemer’s Church Leadership